Industrial Painters

In The Beginning…


A good business relies on a good team, one that can all work together to give you the best service on the market.

We have all come from a background in construction, but it was our experiences working for cowboy companies that brought us together. We have experience in how not to manage a business or treat people, so we set about building a business that you, the customers deserve.

We started by building a solid foundation, with experts in each field, started our business and held it together with our strong ethics in customer satisfaction and we are still standing today, despite the attempts of 2020 rocking the world!




Industrial Painters

Meet The Team



Industrial Painters

Roofing Contractors


Ian is our specialist in everything up top.

From Industrial Roof Sheets, Industrial Roof Lights and Industrial Guttering to Complete Roof Replacement, Ian can advise on any issues that have or may arise, up top.


Industrial Painters

Painting Contractors


Brett is our specialist in everything to the side.

Be it minor cladding repairs, new cladding installation or surface preparation and cladding painting, Brett is our man for internal and external painting to commercial painting projects.

He is the fastest gun slinger in the land (spray gun that is!)

But is’t not just cladding painting. Any surface can be sprayed, be it Steel Painting, Blockwork Painting, Wood Painting, Glass Painting, UPVC Painting, Asbestos Painting or Concrete Painting .

Brett is our bit on the side(s).


Industrial Painters

Groundwork Contractors


James is our expert in all things down below, and by this we mean groundworks!

This is not something any other painting company offer, but we have seen many businesses where it’s not just the building that needs work, the grounds are just as much of a reflection to your business as the walls.

James can offer advice from weeds to concrete pads and everything else below the surface to stop you falling under.


Industrial Painters

Turnkey Solutions


John is our man with many hats. He is your first point of contact and completes the quotations based on your needs.

From this, John project manages all jobs and ensures site runs on schedule and never too slow.


Industrial Painters

Painting Contractors


The backbone of any company are the staff that manage the day to day.

For us, this consists of:

Annette, who is our business development manager. Chasing leads and developing the business to keep us all doing what we enjoy, which is helping you, the customer.

And Stacey, who makes sure we are compliant, making sure orders are made and deliveries are on time and everyone gets paid.



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