Industrial Cladding Contractors

Here at Industrial Painters, not only can we refurbish the paintwork of your existing cladding, but we are Industrial Cladding Contractors and we offer a wide range of industrial cladding services carried out by our team of industrial cladding experts.

Our expert team will attend your site, inspect the areas of concern, discuss your requirements and options before providing a specification of system that would best suit your needs, followed by a detailed quotation offering available packages to suit your budget and timescale.

A comprehensive one stop external roof and wall contractor able to offer an all-encompassing solution to your roof and wall requirements.

We can cover Composite, Built Up Systems, Aluminium, Plastisol, Refurbishments of Asbestos Cladding, Standing Seam, Over cladding and Repair works including relining and replacing gutters and rainwater systems, fitted by our team of Industrial Cladding Contractors.

We are able to offer an all-encompassing envelope solution offering one point of contact for all cladding, roofing and associated works.

Recent schemes have included the following aspects within our works package to ensure smooth co-ordination and interface compatibility.

  • Rainscreen cladding and feature fascia.
  • Mansafe systems, walkways and Handrails.
  • Plant deck and hot melt roofs.
  • Single ply works with Walkways.
  • Penetration formation with specialist GRP sealing.
  • Syphonic drainage systems.

We are able to accommodate almost every aspect of external envelope and cladding works including all access and netting requirements.

A quality cladding service can transform the appearance and structural integrity of a building with minimal cost and time commitment.

We use only the highest quality materials and thus offer our clients long term solutions as opposed to short term fixes, with all of our work being guaranteed in this respect.

Our experiences predominantly come from commercial buildings and thus we have expertise and knowledge obtained from working on a number of large and high profile projects.

Our dedicated team are able to combine roofing and cladding services and are experienced in the installation of all types of cladding, including composite cladding and all forms of exterior wall cladding.

Our policy with every contract is to use only quality materials that we’d use on our own building.

From standard industrial steel framed buildings to more intricate design builds our team deliver exceptional cladding solutions for our clients.
Refurbishment and maintenance on live and/or restricted sites is something we are used to and understand the need for business to continue trading as normal during improvement works.

Industrial Cladding systems we install include:

Composite Wall Systems

This is a cost effective ‘pre-layered’ wall cladding system which includes the lining, insulation and top sheet all in one panel.
The composite panels are available in a wide range of coatings and insulation thicknesses. They also have guaranteed structural & thermal performance.
Composite systems are ideally suited for commercial and industrial projects delivering a fast and economical installation.
The lower weight will typically result in a lower cost sub-structure and structural support system.

Twin-Skin Built Up

Twin-Skin Cladding applications are used where an insulated system is required, often to improve the efficiency of the building. Twin skin systems are used in a wide range of buildings and situations from warehousing and industrial applications to office and showrooms.


Rainscreen cladding is an efficient construction method for providing weather protection to a building. It is an increasingly popular choice for new build and refurbishment projects across all industry sectors in the UK. A rainscreen cladding construction uses a weather-resistant skin, a ventilation cavity and an inner layer to create a seal against moisture and provide thermal insulation.

Professionally installed external wall cladding is designed to manage water infiltration, UV radiation, wind pressure and heat transfer. The outer skin is the main barrier against wind and rain, and is typically made from strong materials such as aluminium, high pressure laminate or polished stone. The inner layer of the rainscreen system acts as a final barrier against any moisture that bypasses the exterior cladding. The air ventilation helps to dry out any water that gets through and ventilates moisture in the air. The ventilation and insulation work together to promote airflow and provide heat insulation by restricting the flow of energy in and out of the building.

Single Skin / Overclad

Single skin and overclad installations are more affordable entry level cladding systems, most commonly used to overclad (or wrap) existing walls and roofs, including asbestos roofing. Once in place they provide a newer more refreshed look to buildings, without going to the expense of built up or composite cladding systems – available with varying thicknesses of insulation. Single skin and overclad installations are ideal in environments where minimal disruption to the business is required.

Wall cladding systems can provide the main aesthetic for a building, as well as achieving many technical performance criteria and accommodating fire performance, resistance to moisture, detailing around fenestration and openings, acoustics, environmental concerns and the host of other technical properties commonly required.

Walls have different performance criteria, generally speaking, from roof systems. However, wall cladding systems also offer a wider range of choice, especially considering cost. It is therefore important to establish three important aspects before starting to specify a wall cladding system:

  • What are the aesthetic requirements?
  • What is the performance criteria?
  • What is the budget?

We provide advice on the best option for your building and budget, together with value engineering suggestions and problem solving solutions, to ensure the right result.



Commercial wall cladding can enhance the appearance of a commercial building and offer an appealing modern finish. We have a versatile range of materials including terracotta tiles, stone tiles, marble, brick, PPC aluminium, high pressure laminate (HPL) and aluminium composite material (ACM).


The lifespan of a building can be extended with external cladding as it can effectively protect a building’s exterior from harmful elements that can cause corrosion or deterioration. This can therefore reduce the need for repair costs later down the line. The installation process is quick and simple, and the cladding panels can be removed and replaced individually, reducing the construction time and costs.


A rainscreen facade can help reduce energy costs by providing thermal insulation. This is favoured as a low cost method for large industrial buildings to reduce the amount of heat that is lost through a wall.


The thermal insulation provided by rainscreen cladding systems help to lower the carbon footprint of a building, whilst the construction can take advantage of recycled materials such as Aluminium or natural materials like Terracotta and stone.


The exterior materials add an additional layer which can help to soundproof a building and reduce the noise from outside. This is particularly useful for buildings in a city location or situated near main roads.

The aesthetics of the vertical industrial cladding can transform the appearance of a unit and we can cover all our client’s cladding installation and coating needs.

Our Industrial Cladding Contractors are approved applicators of numerous guaranteed systems and our airless spraying technicians can apply these coatings to a high standard to achieve the best cosmetic results.

We can provide solutions for all  cladding requirements. As a specialist refurbishment contractor we appreciate the careful planning and close liaison with our customers that is required when working on buildings which are frequently occupied by businesses.

Planning and consultation with our customers is essential when carrying out any project and we pride ourselves on the experience we have working with many business sectors. Our approach is to ensure that the correct advice and specification be given from the outset and a tailored work methodology adopted to minimise disruption to our customers daily operations.

A continuous flow of communication between our Industrial Cladding Contractors and customers is always maintained from commencement to final completion of each project, ensuring the full satisfaction of our customers.

We use quality suppliers and can provide many systems to suit each individual requirements. We can provide insulated composite panels, profiled Plastisol coated steel, aluminum systems, secret-fix low pitch sheeting and architectural flat and micro-rib panels.

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