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In a commercial or industrial property, preventing accidents is of the utmost importance. The right kind of flooring can make a huge difference to safety, and can make operations at your premises much safer. As Floor Painting Contractors, We supply and fit high quality warehouse flooring for almost any application. Keep your employees away from harm with durable, low maintenance flooring that exceeds the required safety standards.


Not only do our floors perform well year after year, but they look fantastic as well. Our skilled flooring technicians work closely with you to create industrial flooring that meets your needs. From foundation preparation and screeding to safety markings and anti slip coatings, we take on the job from start to finish. You can be sure that your project is in good hands with Industrial Painters, as all our employees hold relevant qualifications and have undergone safety training.

We understand that your business premises needs to function at all times, so we always carry out work in a timely manner with minimal disruption. Our comprehensive independent service is trusted by clients throughout the UK, whether you need anti slip flooring for a retail warehouse or tough safety flooring in a manufacturing facility, we can design a system that works well in your premises.


When you choose flooring for a warehouse facility, you need to know that it will last for years to come. Our flooring systems can be finished to your liking, with anti slip coating highly recommended in any working environment. For added toughness, choose Epoxy resin or polyurethane screeds which are designed to last for years and withstand even heavy use. Workplace floors have to withstand a lot of wear from workers, forklifts and heavy equipment, but a reinforced safety floor can make a big difference to maintenance costs and reduce repair costs in the long term. You are also covered by a 10 year warranty for your peace of mind.

Why Epoxy Resin?

You might need to lay a new floor for your industrial premises, but not be sure what you want to use for the surface. One material that you might not have thought about using for the floor is epoxy screed.

Epoxy screed is a great way to provide a tough practical finish to any industrial flooring. The heavy duty finish has excellent abrasion resistance to give a long lasting surface that is suitable for use in any environment.

An epoxy screed floor offers many great benefits to all kinds of industrial premises, including:

  • Long lasting floor with a great guarantee
  • Good resistance to chemical spills
  • Quick setting
  • Seamless floor surface

The standard installation involves laying epoxy resin quartz aggregate screed mortar to a depth of 6mm. This will quickly cure to give a heavy duty floor finish that is suitable for areas that have heavy traffic and is unaffected by light chemical attacks.

Seemless Epoxy Screeds

An alternative for tougher environments is heavy duty floor screed laid to a depth of 6-9mm thick. This polyurethane-based floor screed provides excellent abrasion resistance and can also survive chemical attack and other types of physical damage.

Not only are these epoxy screed surfaces tough and long lasting, but we can give the screed any finish you need. This can be a smooth finished surface or anti-slip surfaces at the needed density.

No matter what kind of business premises you operate, as Floor Painting Contractors, we can provide you with a great flooring solution for your business. The tough surface means that it will look great for years to come, whether it is laid in a food factory or airport terminal.

Screeds are commonly found in the food and drink processing industries because they’re a seamless hygienic floor (so no bacteria growing in the floor joints), anti slip, and hard wearing. They’re also found in the chemical industries because of their excellent chemical resistant and anti-slip properties.

They have a high order of durability, resistance to abrasion, impact, chemical attack and penetration. They are able to meet the demands of heavy duty environments such as chemical processing, food processing/wet areas, brewing, dairy clean rooms, heavy duty traffic, plant vehicle areas, engineering processes and can withstand the rigours of pressure washing and steam cleaning.

Resin flooring is a popular choice for many reasons;

Hard wearing and durable- concrete can become weakened by frequent forklift traffic. Resin coatings help protect the slab from breakdown.

Easy to clean surface- spills are contained, not able to soak into the concrete once coated with an epoxy resin coating. Resistant to chemical spills.

Anti slip coatings available, to create a safer working environment. Reduce the risk of fork lift skidding at entrance ways to warehouses and factories.

Visually impressive finish- high gloss coatings reflect more light, creating a brighter workplace.

Reduces dust levels Bare concrete is more prone to dusting which is likely to become airborne, impacting on the health of your workforce. The dust can also pose a problem to expensive machinery, potentially reducing its working lifespan.

Safety– pedestrian walkways and fork lift traffic routes can be installed keeping your workforce safe.

Resin coatings are a practical flooring choice in a number of sectors;

Offices– a bright and easy to clean floor choice well suited for offices.

Gyms– Durable for heavy usage areas. Easy to clean with scrubber dryers.

Warehouses & factories. Can be customised to include walkways and anti slip areas.

Swimming pools– cost effective compared to tiling.

Schools. We have completed anti slip epoxy floors for school workshop classrooms where wood dust becomes a slip hazard.

Basements– A great choice for basement areas, clean bright and long lasting.

Car parks– Very durable flooring solution and possible to de-mark parking bays & traffic markings.

Dustproofing and Concrete Sealer

Concrete can cause problems to expensive machinery and once airborne poses a risk to health if breathed in. It also makes more work in the way of cleaning and general maintenance.

Dustproofing is a cost effective way to harden your concrete floor, make it more robust and reduce the issue of dust. The floor needs to be in good condition and dustproofing will not give your floor resistance to chemicals & acid.

New Slabs

We can apply a concrete sealer to your new concrete slab, ensuring it stays in good condition and keeping dust levels at a minimum.

Old Slabs- Clean & Seal

After years of heavy usage your industrial floor will have picked up wear and tear, forklift tyre marks, discolouration and even surface breakdown. We can clean your floor using chemicals and scrubber dryers to remove the worst of the grime. Once cleaned we fix broken areas of your slab with epoxy repair mortar. To finish we apply a concrete sealer / concrete hardener that will keep the floor in great shape for years to come.

Concrete Polish and Seal

Should your floor be in a poor condition we are able to polish the slab to give it a new concrete look. This will remove the top layers from the floor, leveling the high spots and can be finished off with a concrete hardener.

Dust proofing will not give industrial floors protection for chemical spills or oil spills.

Car Park Painters – Floor Painting Contractors

Line markings

From small business car parks to large multi story car parks.
Using flexible high build 2 part polyurethane coatings that will last and stand up to high volume traffic.

Floor signage

We are also able to carry out no parking zones, crosshatching and signage to car park floors. Traffic routes and disabled parking signage can be applied in a variety of colours.

Resin car park flooring

Resin coatings offer excellent protection to car park floors that suffer high wear from frequent traffic. Also providing the benefit of reducing dust levels and making floors easier to clean. With a variety of colours available, resin coatings offer a solution for setting out pedestrian and vehicle interaction, ensuring pedestrians safety.

Ceiling, wall and column painting

We provide painting by brush and roller or airless spraying.
Ceilings to multistory car parks are best sprayed, a more economical method for large open areas.
We can provide markings for pillars and walls to let customers know what area they parked in.

Removal of coatings

Removing existing markings from concrete can be done using diamond grinding and scabbling. It is also possible to apply a black or dark grey coating to cover existing coatings that are no longer required.

Painted pedestrian walkways

Separate pedestrians and vehicles at work. A cost effective way to meet HSE guidelines and improve the safety of your workforce.

What is Heavy Duty Resin Flooring?

Heavy duty resin flooring is extremely hard wearing as it’s heavily filled with aggregates that are long-lasting in any commercial environment. The system is impervious and therefore provides a high degree of resistance to chemicals and liquids. This makes it ideally suited to kitchens, food preparation areas and vehicle showrooms. Heavy duty resin flooring can be pressure washed or steam cleaned, providing excellent resistance to other risks of damage including thermal shock from excessive heat.

Our team of Floor Painting Contractors start preparing the floor by applying a 6-9mm thick coating of coloured polyurethane resin that’s filled with graded silica aggregates. We apply this with a hand trowel or sledge and finish the flooring with a stainless steel float that gives a smooth surface. This provides a light textured, matt, anti-slip surface that’s extremely versatile for any business in the garage, factory, food preparation or showroom sector.

On larger areas rebates are cut into the flooring with a specialised saw that prevents the flooring shrinking throughout the years. Heavy duty resin flooring is seamless and coving can be formed in a similar material to prevent the seams between the floor and the walls creating dirt traps – making it low maintenance!

Resin factory floor painting

Our knowledge and experience as Floor Painting Contractors in specialist preparation systems will help remove machine oil, grease, old paint and contamination. Fast cure epoxy repairs are completed prior to any coating installation to provide smooth, tough and safe traffic surfaces. Our durable flooring solutions, suitable for busy forklift truck traffic, can be colour coded for production areas and to create gangways or aisles. Our turnkey solutions will improve the areas that are working for you in a short timescale, tailored to meet your budget and requirements.

Manufacturing flooring solutions:

  • Minimum operational downtown
  • Easily cleaned – no maintenance
  • Fast, dust-free preparation to remove old coatings and contaminants
  • Resistant to machine oil, impact, abrasion and chemicals
  • Safety markings or linings or wording available
  • Failing joints, eroded concrete, footprints of old machinery – fast cure repaired
  • Anti-slip incorporated at various densities, tailored to your usage
  • Any BS or RAL colour available, to emphasise production/traffic areas

Workshop flooring

We understand that busy workshops and service centres demand efficient, organised, professional looking and easy-to-clean floors. AWe work nationwide upgrading workshop floors and installing fast track screed in just one weekend to minimise downtime.

Our automotive industry flooring services include:

  • Fast, dust-free preparation to remove old paint and oil
  • Non-shrink epoxy repair systems to cracks and chipping joints
  • Range of seamless coating and topping system to suit all budgets
  • Resistant to oil, anti-freeze and grease
  • Anti-slip finishes to PDI bays, wash bays, valeting and ramps
  • Franchise and corporate colour schemes available
  • VOSA standard safety lining and MOT marking systems

Warehouse floor painting

From dust proofers to forklift truck resistant floor coatings, our experience provides you with the knowledge and information you require when considering an upgrade in your warehouse. We provide a turnkey solution to your enquiry with proven expertise. Completed to your time frame and budget, we will reduce the disruption involved in creating traffic safe areas. Our seamless, smooth flooring options, which include repairs, non-slip lining and colour choices, create a hazard-free environment for your staff and visiting customers.

  • Warehouse hazards can be shelved with our flooring solutions:
  • Dust free preparation
  • Fast installation – minimum disruption
  • Solvent free products
  • No maintenance costs – easily cleaned
  • Tough forklift truck resistant flooring solutions
  • Safety warehouse floor markings/signage/linings/wording available
  • Eroded concrete, failed joints, hazard – rapid epoxy repairs
  • Non-slip service locally applied for loading bays, dock levellers and gangways
  • Multiple colour choice available to indicate storage/traffic areas
  • Warehouse floor markings – comply with the 5S’s and Kaizen

Seamless resin floor finishes

Our epoxy two part resin floor covering offers seamless floor finishes with excellent durability and chemical impact and abrasion resistance. They are the optimum way to maintain high standards of cleanliness. There is a bewildering range of flooring products available from a vast list of manufacturers. With our experience and practical knowledge of installation as Floor Painting Contractors, we can provide you with a specification tailored to your requirements. Using the latest in dust vacuum technology, we ensure that dust is kept to a minimum throughout our installation work. As an independent specialist contractor, Industrial Painters provides you with a single source from survey to completion – backed up with a full warranty.

Explore a wide range of flooring solutions for your pharmaceutical facility:

  • Light reflectivity up to 300%
  • Improve sanitation with anti-bacterial finish
  • Durable finishes that are oil and chemical resistant
  • Use colours and lining to demark floor space
  • Seamless surfaces with coving option
  • Solvent and taint free products – no solvent odour on installation
  • Dust free preparation systems to remove contaminants
  • Anti-slip surfaces to create hazard-free wet areas, ideal for wash downs
  • Easy to clean products to maintain immaculately clean environments
  • Wide range of screeds, coatings, sealers and self-flowing toppings

Hard-wearing floors

Printing and packaging industries demand durability, combined with seamless surfaces that are easy to maintain and clean. Old, worn, contaminated floors create concrete dust, which can invade your products. Our seamless resin flooring systems are proven in these stringent, demanding environments.

Flooring solutions for packing areas:

  • Safety surfaces – create hazard-free areas
  • Spillages easily removed and cleaned
  • Safety markings/linings/wording installed
  • Fast installation, minimum downtime and short lead time
  • Highlight floor usage e.g. cut and crease, folding areas – by use of colours
  • Solvent and taint-free systems
  • Impact, stain and chemical resistant flooring solutions
  • Preparation systems that are fast and dust-free to remove contaminants
  • Footprints of exiting machinery repaired including joints and eroded concrete

Contract flooring solutions

Whether it is a change of use, end of lease, acquisition or upgrade, our extensive experience as Floor Painting Contractors allows us to provide you with the knowledge and information you require when advising your client. Why not contact the team at Industrial Painters to informally discuss your enquiry? We provide knowledgeable, technical advice – but without the jargon.

  • Hassle-free flooring services for property managers
  • Nationwide service – hassle-free, successful turnkey projects
  • Tailored to budget and usage
  • Single source from survey to completion
  • Wide range of cost-effective flooring solutions
  • Fast installation – short lead time accommodated
  • Site repairs including dilapidations
  • Free, no-obligation site survey, detailed report and quotation
  • Independent from manufacturer – all work guaranteed

Whatever your flooring needs, just get in touch. We will have a solution that is suitable for you and your budget.




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