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Industrial Painters are a nationwide Intumescent Painting Contractor. We offer various fire protection to a variety of surfaces, including steel, cement, wood, container tanks and vessels. We cover fire protection on new build and refurbished structures to all sectors.

Intumescent Paint Definition

Intumescent paints are what we refer to as “Reactive Paints”. When the paint is subjected to heat it will react. In the case of an intumescent paint, when subjected to temperatures exceeding 120°C the paint will intumesce (swell up to 50 times the thickness of the paint) and form an carbon layer (Char) which, in the case of intumescent steel paint, thermally insulates the steel substrate and maintain a temperature below 550°C or 620°C for a given period of time: 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

Why Is It Needed?

In a fire it is critical that the structural steel frame of the building is protected correctly so that the steels do not reach their critical failure temperature which is between 550°C and 620°C. Below these critical temperature the structural steel exists in a state of ‘Elasticity’ which allows the steel to bend/deflect and return to its original state once the force has been removed. If the temperature increases above the critical temperatures the structural steel under load goes into a state called ‘Plastic’ which means the steel will buckle and bend potentially causing the building to collapse.

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Intumescent paint thermally insulates structural materials such as steel and timber in a fire, stopping premature collapse of the building.

Intumescent paint comes in three different types: steel, timber and plaster:

Intumescent steel paint

Intumescent steel paint is designed to increase the time period that a structural load bearing steel within a building will last during a fire. The paint works by intumescing or expanding to create an insulation barrier on the steel and increasing the time period to 60, 90 or 120 minutes.During a fire it can just take a few minutes for the temperature of unprotected steel work to reach 550 deg C, at this point steelwork loses its structural load bearing capacity and can buckle causing a building to potentially collapse.

Intumescent paint and Intumescent varnish for timber

Intumescent paint and Intumescent varnish for timber is designed to increase the fire performance of the timber substrate in two different ways, firstly it decreases the surface spread of flame to a British Class 0 and also a Euro Class B and secondly on substrates of a minimum thickness we can increase the fire performance to 30 minutes or in some cases 60 minutes.

Intumescent paint for plaster

Intumescent paint for plaster is designed to increase the fire performance of a lath and plaster or plasterboard wall/ceiling. Standard lath and plaster walls or ceilings are generally assumed to have a fire performance of around 20min if in good condition, our intumescent paint is designed and tested to increase the fire performance up to 60 minutes with a thickness of paint applied of just 0.25mm or ¼ of a mm.

Do I need a topcoat?

The topcoat of an intumescent paint system is solely used to protect the intumescent coating from the environment that it is in or as a decorative finish coat that can be coloured to most RAL or BS colour codes upon request. The finish of these top coats is usually satin or gloss, however we have several products that finish in matt. Not all jobs jobs require a topcoat, however if the steel is external or internal in a high moisture environment then yes you will need a topcoat.

Intumescent Painting Contractors – Industrial Painters

Industrial Painters are dedicated to using the latest and most innovative fire protection coatings for your property, providing potentially life-saving solutions. Our fire protection coatings can be applied to steel structures, timber surfaces, service penetrations and construction movement joints. Degrees of fire protection offered include 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

Like water, fire can penetrate the smallest of gaps, so it is essential to ensure complete protection. Our fully trained team will discuss all of the potential hazards with you in order to deliver the highest levels of fire protection possible, providing you with valuable peace of mind.

When it comes to fire protection, there really is no compromise. Industrial Painters can help you to limit the spread of fires, minimise business losses and, above all, save lives through the precise application of technologically advanced fire protection coatings.

Fire Protection & Intumescent Painting Contractors

As professional fire protection and intumescent painting contractors, we offer a specialist fire protection paint coating service.

Do you have exposed/semi exposed steel beams on your project and you need to achieve the required fire rating?

We can help with on-site spray application of intumescent coatings.

The amount of applied intumescent required to give the specified period (usually 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes) is usually referred to as the ‘loading’ needed.

  • Spray Applied Intumescent Coatings
  • Brush Applied Intumescent Coatings
  • Class “0” & Class “1” Spread of Flame Applications
  • Passive Fire Protection
  • Fire Compartmentalisation
  • Protective Intumescent Coatings for Structural Steelworks
  • Site Inspection
  • Primer & Topseal
  • Fire-stopping Solutions Solvent & Waterborne Systems
  • Quick Drying Systems
  • On-site Thickness Checks & Certification

Industrial Painters are dedicated to using the latest and most innovative fire protection coatings for your property, providing potentially life-saving solutions. Contact us now for a free quotation.




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